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Respect is financial guidance that's personal, not typical.

Welcome to Santander Investment Services.

You have ideas for the future. Whatever your vision, Santander Investment Services can help create a clear, easy-to-understand financial strategy, personalized for you.

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Investment Services

We understand investing is personal.

As a Santander Investment Services customer, you’ll enjoy a working relationship that includes unlimited access to a Santander Investment Services Financial Consultant (Financial Consultant) at your local branch.

Meeting with your Financial Consultant.

Your Financial Consultant can help you create a clear, easy-to-understand financial strategy, personalized for you.

Ready to get started? Find a Financial Consultant near you.

Available financial planning services.

Whether your investment needs are simple or sophisticated, we offer access to a full range of financial services.

Retirement Planning:

To achieve a comfortable retirement, you’ll need a plan. Now is the time to meet with your Financial Consultant to create and customize a plan designed to meet your unique needs.

Portfolio Management:

Building a diversified portfolio that reflects your investment objectives and your risk tolerance is a goal we can help you achieve.

Income Planning:

You’ll need a strategy that considers tax implications and helps shield what you’ve spent a lifetime earning.

College Planning:

A 529 College Savings Plan is a tax-advantaged way to effectively manage your money and finance higher education costs.

Let’s make a plan.

Get started today by locating a Financial Consultant near you.

Investment Options

Investment Options.

Investment options aren’t just for those planning for retirement, or for those with a high net worth. We offer a suite of financial strategies to help you navigate every life goal at every life stage.

Want to get started with a financial professional who can provide you with guidance today? Find a Santander Investment Services Financial Consultant (Financial Consultant) near you.

Retirement Products.

Santander Investment Services offers a wide range of retirement and investment strategies that you can use to help plan for a financially secure retirement.

Mutual Funds:

Mutual funds are a cornerstone of today’s active portfolio. Our Financial Consultants will help you choose investment options that are in line with your risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment goals.

Asset Allocation:

A smart asset allocation strategy1a balances risk and reward, helping you potentially achieve better returns while minimizing overall investment risk.

Managed Strategies:

Managed strategies are now available to most investors. Santander Investment Services provides options for competitively priced managed accounts with an initial minimum investment requirement of $25,000.


Annuities can help protect against market uncertainties, such as market performance and inflation rates, and can provide a steady stream of retirement income.

Life Insurance:

While you can't predict the future, personal insurance strategies from Santander Investment Services can help you plan for the unknown.

Let’s make a plan.

Get started today by locating a Financial Consultant near you.

1aAsset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets.

Investment Planning Tools

What’s your approach to managing your finances?

Whether your personal style is hands-on or hands-off, Santander Investment Services offers the financial tools and resources you need to build a smart investment strategy.

Financial Resources:

Your resource for a strong investment strategy? A Santander Investment Services Financial Consultant (Financial Consultant).

Find a Financial Consultant near you.

Advantages of Working with our Financial Consultants:

Identify Your Goals. Before we ever talk about our products or our strategies, we first want to understand your situation and your point of view. So we listen. Then we discuss your future to establish priorities and identify your goals. As we gain a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish and where you want to be, we’ll create a personalized strategy designed to help get you there.

Integrate Your Investment Strategy. We integrate your financial goals into an investment strategy with an eye toward supporting your personal objectives. This strategy will outline your investment objectives, specific investments, your time horizon, and specific asset allocation, along with recommendations to help you reach them.

Develop Your Financial Strategy. Whether you’re looking to plan your retirement, save for tuition costs, purchase another home, or secure your legacy, we’ll design a financial strategy to help you achieve your personal goals, within your time horizon and risk tolerance.

Set Financial Check-up Meetings. We’ll meet with you to review your goals and objectives on a regular basis. In these meetings, we can realign your strategy to adjust to changes in the market and your life stage.

Every smart investor relies on access to the right resources. This knowledge can help you make informed choices that enhance your personal prospects.

Ready to get started?

Find a Financial Consultant near you.

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