Helping you save for a better tomorrow.

What is a Savings Account?

At Santander, we make it easy to put aside funds for the things you want in the future — whether it's a tablet, a new car, a dream vacation or a down payment on a house. Whatever your goal, whatever your time frame, one of our savings accounts will put you on the right path.

Types of Savings Accounts Available from Santander Bank

¤No Monthly Fee for Santander® Savings with any consumer Santander checking account or with $100 average daily balance in the Santander® Savings account (otherwise, $1.00). All other fees apply.

¤¤You can withdraw or transfer funds from a savings or money market savings account a total of six (6) times per service fee period (such as by automatic or pre-authorized transfers using telephone, Online Banking, or Mobile Banking, Overdraft Protection, Payments to third parties, Checks, Drafts, and Debit Card purchases). Fees apply if you exceed these limits and, if you repeatedly exceed these limits, we will convert your account to a non-interest bearing checking account.

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